Lyric Revival | Bullnose Tile (2" x 6", 6" Side) Subway Finishing Tile

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Soft White
Lancaster Cream
Nakeen Beige
Walnut Brown
Bombay Gray
Patent Black
English Lavender
Primrose Yellow
Celeste Blue
Beau Blue
Verdigris Green
Teal Green
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  • This product is only available with field tile. Not sold separately.
  • Price is per piece

  • Tile Size: 50.8mm x 152.4mm (2" X 6", 6" SIDE)
  • Tile Thickness: 6mm
  • Joint size: 2mm
  • sold individually
  • Order Fulfillment: 10-12 weeks to ship
  • Our Lyric Revival series is a special order item.

  • Installation

    For installation instructions please consult a professional installer, or see our Tile Installation Tips.

    If you have any questions, Email us