Mosaic Tape Roll for Mosaic Tile Mounting

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Mosaic Tape is a clear adhesive face-mount film which is strong enough to hold mosaic tiles for packing, freight and installation, but releases cleanly, without leaving a sticky residue on the tiles.

Mosaic Tape was originally produced under contract for our company to use for our own fabrication jobs. Years ago, we realized that our customers would benefit from using this product as well, and we started selling it instead of keeping it all to ourselves. We have been told by both long-term repeat customers and new customers that after comparing our product with our competitors' versions, our Mosaic Tape is the highest quality product that they have worked with. We plan to keep offering the highest quality face-mount tape for mosaic tile, stone and wall tile to our customers.


Mosaic Tape face-mount adhesive is available in four standard sizes,

as well as custom sizes for orders of 400 sq/ft or more.

  • 12” wide x 100 ft, full size roll
  • 8” wide x 100 ft roll
  • 6” wide x 100 ft, half roll
  • 4” wide x 100 ft, border size roll
  • Order Fulfillment: 1-7 business days

  • Mosaic Tape is and always has been made in the U.S.A.


    Mosaic Tape:
    Is easy to use. Simply peel and apply: no need to deal with release paper, heat, or glue.
    Does not stretch/warp out of shape like other adhesive films.
    Eliminates the problem of working with textured tile by providing a smooth, level surface.
    Is fully transparent so that you or your installer can easily match the grout joints when installing the final project.
    Has a water resistant adhesive, which keeps minor accidents from turning into major disasters on the job site.
    Allows full surface contact of tile back to mortar bed for best adhesion.
    Mosaic Tape is thick, with a strong adhesive which will hold glass, porcelain,ceramic, stone, quartzite and cement, including textured tile.