Vitreous Glass Tile Blends Offer WOW Factor at an Affordable Price

Sep 02 , 2021

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April 5th, 2020

Style Is Still Affordable

Vitreous tile - what a word to describe something; so what is it? Basically, the word vitreous means a glassy state. Scientists will tell you it has to do a lot with atoms and their ability to form. But in the tile world, vitreous glass tiles are those that are generally not transparent, but range from semi-opaque to translucent, and tend to look like frozen colored water. Generally speaking, the glass is not crystallized and therefore gives off a luster and glass-like appearance.

As for vitreous glass tile, the colors and blends available at are endless and only left to the imagination of the consumer. Vitreous glass mosaic tiles can be semi-opaque or completely opaque depending upon color choices and finishes. As well, there are a variety of sizes available. In most instances, vitreous glass tiles are sold by the sheet and usually priced that way as well. Most sheets cover a little over 1 square foot area. At, the standard sheet covers 1.15 sq/ft; and best of all, most vitreous glass mosaic tiles can be cut and scored using a hand tool, so basically anyone with a little home renovation experience can install these tiles by following the installation instructions and photo tutorial provided on the website.

Vitreous glass mosaic tiles are perfect for bathroom floors, shower surrounds, kitchen backsplashes and are used many times outside on patios and in swimming pools and spas. Like other glass tiles, vitreous glass tiles are non-absorbent, meaning they don't hold or absorb any water, chemicals, or other substances. This is a great trait when used in pools and bathroom areas; this characteristic means there is never any need to worry about mold, mildew, fading, or staining.

As far as color choices go, the rainbow is your palette. Thanks to, a customer can visit their virtual showroom and view a large selection of in-stock and made-to-order vitreous glass tile blends. But if you're feeling creative, you can always try your hand at creating your mosaic masterpiece. The website offers consumers the virtual tool known as the Mosaic MAXimizer; this tool allows for the average Joe to build their blends of tile choices and finishes. You can blend tiles and even print off your finished product. This tool allows the consumer to skip the middle man in the retail store and buy directly from the fabricator. Because fabrication for custom blends usually only takes a few days to one week, in most cases, it's even faster than buying from a local retailer.

The savings to be had when buying directly from the fabricator are outstanding. Prices for vitreous glass tiles at are lower than those found at most retail bath and kitchen stores. With over 700 choices of colors and styles at, starting at prices as little as $5.00 per sheet, a homeowner can tile his 10x10 bathroom floor for less than $435. You could tile your kitchen backsplash for as little as $100 depending on the size. When doing home renovations, vitreous glass tiles are a great alternative to traditional tiling and flooring options.

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